We have the bad habit (unconscious, mind you), to be very apprehensive regarding certain aspects of our lives. It’s pretty common that our daily routine presents various problems and situations we must overcome. And yet, why do we worry so much about it?

I have a theory: we worry because the solution to our problems lie in the future, after a long process of analysis, searching for viable alternatives and letting pass a determinate amount of time. But, as we are unable to live ahead of time, instead of occupying ourselves with the problem, we preoccupy for it. We tend to create irreal scenarios in our heads that give us anxiety.

This, plainly spoken, is that we get unnecessarily ahead of ourselves. Living in the future is not healthy for our psyche. We aren’t designed to function properly and endure high amounts of stress at once, and uncertainty is the biggest source of stress we know. Not knowing what is going to happen always gives us a headache. Maxime the fact that we don’t always think positively. In the end, our worst enemy, is our mind.

However, there are a number of ways to prevent this phenomenon. Anxiety comes from insecurity. The wrong belief we have that we are unable to deal with the situation in front of us, or that time and resources are going to be insufficient to solve it. That’s not true. We solve problems all the time, without even realizing it. We are capable of things we can’t even imagine. Things that we usually take for granted.

“Every problem, has a solution”, the old saying goes. The only thing we must do is relax, face the problem in front of us, analyze it and resolve it the most efficient way we can think of. Thinking about “what if” doesn’t solve the issue. It makes it bigger. The present is the moment we live in. The past is full of nostalgia and the future, of uncertainty. Don’t let our heads to play tricks on us. We all arrive to our destination, one step at a time.